Sandra Serrano


Sandra has been licensed since 1990. She trained under Master Stylist and Inventor, Michael Abney. In 1998, he was the first in the West Coast to do this extension method. Between the two of them, they took the education they learned and over the years PERFECTED it. Their tweaks, changes, and Michael’s invention were going to be added to the Great Lengths curriculum but then they decided to keep it to themselves and to share only with those who appreciate the info.  Sandra promises these are the most comfortable and beautiful extensions available anywhere.

With almost 30 years experience, Sandra has mastered an extension technique that creates beautiful, sexy, 100% human hair that is undetectable, comfortable and very low maintenance. This technique is great for people with thin hair who just want to thicken it up. It is also the best bet for lengthening and doing fashion colors without bleaching. It comes in any texture and length and you can wear these extensions for up to five and a half months. You can brush, wash, style and heat them as you would your own natural hair. No need for concern when you swim, work out or even color your hair.

Great Lengths uses 100% human hair. It is attached with a keratin protein bond that is undetectable and never destroys your hair like glue, resin, wax, thread or metal bonds. The GreatLengths removal solution makes it simple to take them out when the time comes. No harsh acetone and no sticky residue.


Do you ever want to take your skills to the next level?

Sandra has done all kinds of extensions in the past 28 years. She has been certified by Great Lengths for 20 years. This is the best method that exists!! She has been a master educator and taught very few stylists how to make MORE money in this business (three to be exact.) Sandy has had stylists over the years ask for a class from her but she was always too busy. She kept her technique  exclusive to her assistants.

Now that she is part time, Sandra can offer this education to anyone who:

  1. Has done them before but want to become the best.
  2. Been certified with any company but feel lost.
  3. Have never done them but want to learn how.
  4. Wants to boost their income.  For example: If you take home $300-600+ a day, be prepared to take home $1200-1500+ a day.

Sandra Says:

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